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UBEC Formally announced as host of 2024 African Edtech Conference

The Universal Basic Education Commission held a press conference organized by in collaboration with the Nigerian-British Chamber of Commerce (NBCC) to officially announce the hosting of the 6th edition of the African Edutech Conference at the UBEC Digital Resource Center (DRC), Kado-Kuchi, Abuja.

The event was attended by key media organizations which included the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN), Radio Nigeria, Punch, Daily Trust, Vanguard, and The Sun Newspapers among others.

The hosting of the forthcoming Con




About the Centre...
The overall goal of UBEC’s Digital Resource Centre is to provide quality digital educational content for schools across the country as well as contemporary capacity building to relevant actors in the Nigerian education sector that will lead to the delivery of high quality basic education services in Nigeria. The Centre has a particular focus on providing digital content and e-Resources for the UBEC model smart schools and e-learning centers across the Federation as well as basic education schools in general.
To be a globally rated digital educational resource center contributing significantly to raising and sustaining qualitative and functional universal basic education (UBE) delivery in Nigeria.

To provide, at all times, quality educational content, contemporary capacity building and research opportunities that lead to the delivery of high quality basic education services in Nigeria.


i. To work with teachers, educationists and other stakeholders to collect and develop appropriate digital resources.

ii. To strengthen universal basic education (UBE) delivery by effectively merging e-learning with traditional face-to-face learning techniques in all public schools.

iii. To ensure that teachers, school administrators and other education officials are adequately trained on modern digital methods.

iv. To make learning an enjoyable experience for pupils through novel methods.

v. To carry out ground breaking research on all aspects of teaching and learning at the basic education level.

Resources from the Internet

  • Content Related to Nigerian Basic Education Curricula (BEC)

  • General Library Resources for School Children (GLR)

  • Educational Games for Children (EGC)

  • Digital Resources for Teachers (DRT)